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Gift ideas for the whole year!

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Hi everyone!

I am so excited as I am writing this since this is my first blog EVER. I feel like I am Carrie Bradshaw in Sex of the city. (Which should be in all fashionistas' top shows! There was so much fashion in that show. Did you know that Sex in the city apparently put Manolo Blahnik on the map?) Because of the time of the year, I could have done a Christmas gift suggestions just like everybody else. I decided to provide you with a short suggestion list that should be useful all year round.

Anyways, let's get to that gift idea list. Shall we? Of course, my list is partially inspired from the outfits that I already posted.

Marine dress:

I recommend this dress because it fits most silhouettes. The cut and the pattern of the dress is timeless. You will also love the price!

Cute neutral bag with a bow:

This is one of the surest gifts you can give to a woman. No need to worry if the size fits or if this is the person's style. This purse is elegant and the color allows to match it with most outfits.


Why you should get them? Because accessories are where you should invest. Yes, invest! You can wear a pair of sunglasses 100 times and no one will get tired to see you wearing them. Plus, these ones are not the regular black or brown sunglasses. So most likely, she does not have them and she will be able to match them with so many colors. Plus, men and women love the aviator frame.

The promise land (Barack Obama's latest book):

Canadians get it here:

This book is already a bestseller after less than a month of it's publishing. Whether you agree with Barack Obama's decisions or not, you can appreciate this book since it explains the environment and the reasons he made certain decisions. Since I am still reading it, I don't want to ruin it for you and spill the bean. Just get it!

Let's not forget kids and men in our lives!

Here are a few one size fits all solution:

Intelligent watch for kids:

If you are Canadian use this link instead:

A lot of parents feel the pressure of buying a cellphone to their kids but not all parents are comfortable with that idea. So I find this watch might be the bridge to these parents! The company claims that you can have bidirectional calls with your kids through their watch. It also serves an alarm, game device, music player and much more. Your kid should appreciate the touch screen and the parent will appreciate that it is gender neutral.

For men:

Let's get away from the usual video game gift.


for Canadians

I recommend these sunglasses because they are not the typical glasses. The hexagonal form is edgy and super cool. They are Ray-Bans so you know they are made to last and you can trust this brand. The man of your life can also enjoy the UV protection.

I hope that you enjoyed my 1st blog just as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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